Featured Artist: Ross Klavan - Alba Amicorum

Featured Artist: Ross Klavan

The author, acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter and Alba Amicorum artist, Ross Klavan, has released a new novel this month published by Greenpoint Press. Set in 1969, Schmuck follows radio comedy duo Fox and Elkin, giving an “insanely funny look at the 1960’s radio scene” (Huffington Post), in an era that was “colourful and lively, crazy and sad, with the world turned upside down.” (Ross Klavan, in the Huffington Post)
Ross is a member of the Four Walls alternative art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is married to the artist Mary Jones. As close contemporaries of Darshana, artworks from both Mary and Ross feature within the debut Alba Amicorum collection.
As a writer, Ross’ piece was an intriguing proposition for the collection. ‘Brief Encounter’ is a short dialogue inspired by the iconic 1945 film. The romantic exchange on Waterloo Bridge wittily uses a scarf as the centre piece to the conversation. Darshana created the monochrome graphic representation for the text, drawing on the traditional formatting for screenplays, so that it could be transformed into a scarf design within the collection.

‘Brief Encounter’ is visually striking and the wry smile concealed within the text is testament to Ross’ skill and celebrated humour, both as an artist and a writer.
Ross was interviewed in depth about his new novel by the Huffington Post, read the full article
Schmuck is available in paperback and can bought online here.
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