Artist: Babuji Rajendra Shilpi

Babuji Rajendra Shilpi

Babuji Shilpi, is an interdisciplinary designer and businessman living in Mumbai. Babuji worked designing jewelry, textiles, as well as interior architecture and furniture designs before running one of the most successful toy factories in India, designing and producing developmental educational toys. He also held the position as the honorary director of the All India Handicraft Board. He is a contemporary and friend of renown artists Taiyyab Mehta, Raza and Hussain. Babuji Shilpi fought in the non-violent freedom movement under Mahatma Gandhi.

Where do you live and what is your background?
I have lived most of my life in Bombay (Mumbai). My career began as a painter while actively involved in the non-violent independence movement of Mahatma Gandhi. The Mahatma’s philosophy has influenced my life and my work strongly.

What medium do you work in and why?
I have worked in many mediums and disciplines ranging from gouache, wood, plaster, metal and painting to sculpture, educational toys, interiors, furniture and industrial design respectively.

Does your work explore any particular themes or fascinations?
Life fascinates me as do human minds. My interest lies in the relationship of aesthetics, colours and shapes with the mind. I have, therefore, endeavored in applying my findings and experience in this to all my work.

Talk us through your practice and process.
The approach to my works is intuitive but also intellectual and conceptual. My aim has been to communicate the power of the visual line - emotionally and subconsciously through all my work, be it a painting, a sculpture or a piece of furniture using environmentally responsible materials. 

If we were to walk into your studio what would we find?
Quiet, focus and a lot of passion.