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Man Ray IV

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limited edition of 20
136cm x 136cm

Made in Italy
100% cashmere scarf
fringed edge

During World War II, May Ray returned to the United States from France and remained in Los Angeles until 1951. While in California, the artist received commissions to paint portraits of Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner, but also continued to make paintings in the Surrealist style he had been honing in Paris. This 1947 painting features a pair of bright red lips—a motif that first appeared in Man Ray’s oeuvre in the 1930s. Here, the iconic red mouth comprises part of a mysterious semi-abstracted face, which competes for attention with irregular vertical and horizontal bands.

Reborn as a cashmere scarf where multiple viewpoints are made possible, Man Ray’s imagery becomes even more abstract.

Preserve your scarves by storing them flat, avoiding contact with water or chemicals. We recommend steaming the scarves at home to freshen, disinfect and remove creasing. If there is soiling, have it cleaned by a professional dry cleaner