The impulse underlying creation is the impulse to learn. Collaboration, in our experience, is the best way to learn. At Alba Amicorum, our goal is to create a platform where there is a cross-cultural involvement and exchange between artists of many disciplines, nationalities and generations using the scarf as a creative common ground.

We encourage your involvement and can arrange meetings with the artists or studio visits.

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Art demands deconstruction and reinterpretation of its subject.

A scarf by its very nature deconstructs what is on its surface, including its own predetermined boundary as it moves - continuously, revealing new perspectives and new interpretations of the work of art.

By 'unframing art' we aim to create a dialogue with the art and our collectors’ own personal interpretation and style.


Our scarves are unframed works of art, available in limited editions. We authenticate each piece we sell with a numbered certificate and every scarf comes housed in a Japanese-inspired archival wooden box.

Every detail has been given careful attention and thought. Starting with the art, we ensure the accuracy of colour and selct the most suitable fabric to communicate its essence. Each scarf is produced and hand finished in Italy.

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Yes, it is a bit complicated but we love what it stands for. Alba Amicorum, or ‘Books of Friends’, was a 16th century practice of contributing inscriptions, drawings, poems, literature etc, in a friend’s album. Both the contributor and receiver took pride in being a part of the exchange.

This idea of creative exchange, dialogue and our impulse to collect and preserve felt like the perfect fit.


Darshana Shilpi Rouget

Having lived on three continents and with many cultures, art was a common thread in my life. I am a designer, artist and collector, but collaborating with other creatives is what I’ve enjoyed the most.

Observing a canvas waiting to be stretched and wanting to reconnect with the many artist-friends spread across the world, the idea of Alba Amicorum was born.

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