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About Alba Amicorum



Alba Amicorum brings together a hand-picked selection of contemporary artists from around the globe and covering a range of disciplines. Showcasing fresh talent alongside more established names, Alba Amicorum offers both fresh discovery and insight.


While showcasing the work of its artists, Alba Amicorum collaborates with each to create new compositions, which are transformed into limited edition scarves. The collection seeks to challenge the artist and offer us a fresh insight into their practice as they use the medium of a scarf as a canvas.

Relationship With Art

We believe art is to be enjoyed. The medium of the scarf offers an immediacy and intimacy to our relationship with an artwork; the essential enjoyment of wearing and interacting with works we love.

The Origins

Alba Amicorum was founded in 2013 by artist and creative director, Darshana Shilpi Rouget. Darshana was immersed in the contemporary art world from an early age, growing up in India with both parents as professional artists. Working in New York as an art director for over 20 years with prestigious brands, she fostered a circle of close friends within the vibrant artistic community of New York City.
Finally settling in London, now a collector as well as a practising artist, Darshana combined her passion and expertise to create Alba Amicorum. Drawing on her circle of friends to create the first collection, the selection of Alba Amicorum artists continues to evolve as new collaborations develop.

The Name

Alba Amicorum, means “albums of friendship” and refers to the 16th century European movement where scholars collected poetry, sketches, letters and other personal and artistic mementos. The scarf collection is an ‘album’ of artworks, a record of discovery, created in collaboration, designed to be shared and enjoyed.

The Process

As a collector and practising artist, Darshana hand picks each Alba Amicorum artist. Chosen for the quality of their work, their distinctive style and use of their medium, Darshana seeks out talent from around the globe and is keen to have a range of disciplines represented within the group.


The artists create new works in collaboration with Darshana, which are transformed into scarves.
The use of textile challenges the artist, in most cases asking them to apply their work to an entirely new medium. In considering this alternative and wearable canvas, the artist’s practice is opened up, shedding new light on their body of work. To produce the designs, Darshana has sourced the finest quality natural textiles. Darshana selects the fabric to best suit each composition before they are printed and finished in Italy. Each composition is produced as a limited edition scarf.

The Finished Piece

The finished scarves are carefully wrapped and presented in their own paulownia wood box, after the Japanese tomobako tradition. Each is accompanied by a signed certificate, detailing the scarf’s edition. The collection can be viewed by appointment at the ateliers in London or Brussels and at private events. The pieces can be bought in person by appointment, or online and via phone/email.