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A woman photographing herself in the mirror, phone partially blocking her face - she is wearing an art scarf of a Man Ray Ray-o-graph, Coat - Stella McCarthy, Trousers - Cordera, Boots - Clergerie and standing next to a gently hanging large silk scarf


Rayograph Reverie

Scarf: Man Ray I
Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm

We are proud to collaborate with the Man Ray Trust and work closely with his niece to bring you this exquisite scarf.

Rayographs, a distinctive photographic technique developed by the visionary Man Ray, encapsulate the spirit of surrealism with their abstract and dreamy compositions.

Step 1: Prepare Your Outfit
Choose your bag to complement your outfit. In this example, I chose the 90 cm square chiffon silk ‘Man Ray I ’ scarf with its deep teal green hues to pair with my Fendi Pickaboo dark grey bag.

Step 2: Folding the scarf
fold the scarf into a triangle and fold the open point back over the scarf to make a wide ribbon-like shape.

Step 3: Scarf placement on the bag
Wrap the folded scarf around the outer end of the handle and make sure the ends are staggered. This will depend on which arm or hand you carry your bag with.

Step 4: Secure with a Knot
Tie a simple knot, secure but not too tight, to have the volume in the loop. Adjust the ends and enjoy.

Coat - Stella McCarthy, Trousers - Cordera, Boots - Clergerie.

Available for purchase here, this extremely limited edition piece is a rare and highly sought-after treasure.

left: partial side view of a woman, arms delicately draping a Man Ray scarf; right: the same subtly-colored scarf photographed abstractly against a backdrop of simliar greys and muted blues