Our Packaging

Our scarves are unframed works of art, and we produce them in limited editions, with runs from 1 to 60 pieces per design. Each scarf is accompanied by a certificate of authentication and its unique edition number.

We take great care in packaging our scarves. Every part of our packaging is intended to be reused and kept for a lifetime of storage.

Each scarf is protected in a fine cotton muslin pouch. Precious textiles should always be stored in open-weave cloth like this because it allows air to circulate, discouraging moths and mildew.

Our recycled paper notecard is embedded with wildflower seeds. When the card is planted in soil and watered, it decomposes while wildflowers bloom.

All of this is then packed in a wheat straw paper* box and simply tied with twine.

The reusable raw cotton and gauze shopping bags are ready to begin a new creative journey with you.

*The straw paper is much more than a paper for special effects. Up to 50% cellulose from wheat straw replaces the classic wood-based raw materials. Containing 5% unprocessed straw from Bavarian farmers, it creates a genuine straw feeling when you run your fingertips over