James T Murray

A New York based photographer, James’ work is sleek and precise. His pictures emanate an eye of erudition and a master scale of pristine beauty.

NYC native, James T Murray, started his professional career assisting some of the top fashion photographers. His transition towards still life and travel has resulted in an amalgamation of aesthetics and resulted in a truly unique point of view in the world of fashion and style.

Working with a world class client list, James has produced some of the mosticonic images of the past decade as well as published a book.

He maintains one of the cutting edge studios in NYC.



Where do you live and what is your background?
I live and work in NYC. Born and raised here and began working in commercial photo studios in my teens. I never had any formal education in photography or the arts.

What medium do you work in and why?
I only work in still photography at the moment. I find it much more enjoyable concentrating on only one discipline.

Does your work explore any particular themes or fascinations?
Light fascinates me. At it’s simplest it’s about how it can help define and shape things. Things get interesting when they can add to or change the mood and ambiance in a scene. I also disorient the viewer by playing with scale and orientation.

Talk us through your practice and process.
I do my best to listen and observe. There are found pictures and there are ones that are made. Each of these require a different mindset but both require patience and close attention. Digital photography allows you to work very quickly and on a visceral level. I try and remain aware of making more thoughtful decisions while working. I don’t want to do what I’ve done before.

If we were to walk into your studio what would we find?
Lots of activity and smiling faces.