Gift Packaging

When we began looking for packaging for our scarves, we were drawn to the Paulownia wood boxes that are used in Japan for holding gifts and precious objects such as kimono and scrolls.

Tsutsumi 包み is the Japanese art of gift wrapping, using simple, natural materials. The package is appreciated as an object of elegance, even if it is never opened.

Paulownia, or kiri 桐 in Japanese, is prized because it protects against humidity – the molecules inside the wood fibres block any penetration of moisture. The wood also naturally repels insects, making it ideal for storing cashmere and silk.

These special qualities give the Paulownia box great aesthetic and functional value in Japanese culture. And since the making of the boxes is an artisanal process, we felt they were perfectly aligned with our own approach. Our boxes are handmade in Japan.