Babuji Rajendra Shilpi

Babuji Shilpi (1927- 2016), was an interdisciplinary designer and artist living in Mumbai, India. Babuji worked designing jewelry, textiles, as well as interior architecture and furniture designs before running one of the most successful toy factories in India, designing and producing developmental educational toys. He also held the position as the honorary director of the All India Handicraft Board's Toy Centre. He was a contemporary and friend of renown artists Taiyyab Mehta, Raza and Hussain. Babuji Shilpi fought in the non-violent freedom movement under Mahatma Gandhi.

Babuji Rajendra Shilpi’s original works are no longer available to buy. Therefore we are proud to be able to offer three of his paintings through our scarves. We will be exhibiting some original works at our studio. Please subscribe to be notified.

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