Her atelier Alba Amicorum (named after 16th-century 'friendship books',in which peers would share ideas with one another) prints limited-edition silk and cashmere designs with images created in collaboration with others.

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A very beautiful crossover between art and fashion, and practicality when it comes to evening temperature dips and air-con extremes. Printed in limited editions by a family of Italian artisans on silks, cashmere, and other natural fabrics.

...to start exploring the emotional triggers of simple shapes and combinations of colours. “I called this series ‘Intonations’. Similar to the intonation of sound that conveys different emotions, colours do the same.”

“The work that I chose has a personal meaning to it. He was enthusiastic about me reviving his work, but sadly, he passed away due to dementia a few years later, so he didn’t even remember it was his work. I recall him explaining the story behind this painting when I was a child, and it stayed with me, making it the perfect one to start with.”

As flying long haul becomes possible again it’s time to invest in new travel accessories, and “wearable art atelier” Alba Amicorum’s limited-edition scarves are the perfect cover-up

The brand collaborates with international artists across different disciplines, transferring their artworks onto sumptuous scarves, crafted from the finest silk, cashmere and natural fabrics by a skilled family of Italian artisans, based in Como.

Babuji Rajendra Shilpi’s (1927-2016) painting, ‘Indian Carousel’, aptly captures Babuji’s zest for Indian forms. Originally painted using gouache in 1943... Printed on fine silk, this scarf can be both worn and framed.

Si può indossare in tanti modi diversi e riesce sempre a dare all'outfit una dose esagerata di charme praticamente senza sforzo: ecco perché amiamo così tanto il foulard (e siamo certe che lo adorate anche voi!)

Darshana Shilpi Rouget, founder
of art platform Alba Amicorum,
tells Sarah Maisey how her
handmade scarves are helping to
bring a community together

Because we could all use a little effervescence this Christmas... After this strange, stop-and-start year, what better way to put a spring in your step than conceiving the perfect present for a loved one. And maybe, while you’re looking, a little something for yourself.

Als Team arbeitet es sich meistens besser. So lautet das Motto des Labels Alba Amicorum, das im Londoner Stadtteil Belgravia bunte Textilarbeiten nahmhafter Künstler fertigt.

This wearing of art puts in mind, to this writer, the seductively sinister Roald Dahl short story about a poor artist whose talented (and unrecognised friend) tattoos a striking image onto his back which much later is regarded as a masterpiece and almost without price. The consequences, if they are known will spoil the whole – but may be guessed at.

Art you can wear.

Alba Amicorum was launched as a collaborative endeavour to connect Shilpi Rouget with an impressive list of international artists, artist estates and creatives.

I wasn’t consciously thinking about filling any fashion niche. Instead, I wanted to create a space for people with a deep connection and interest in art. Working with artists from various disciplines, we chose the scarf as the common ground or canvas. A scarf “un-frames” art from its traditional frame and onto a fluid fabric—to be worn, draped...

I loved the collaborative process with other creative minds and I wanted to connect with artist friends around the world – and this laid the foundation for what has become Alba Amicorum,” says London-based artist Darshana Shilpi Rouget

Alba Amicorum is an example of true collaboration. Based in Kinnerton yard, it is the brainchild of artist and graphic designer, Darshana Shilpi Rouget, who wanted to set up a gallery and incubator for wearable textile art.

Wearable works of art. Fashion and art unite at luxury scarf atelier Alba Amicorum, in Kinnerton Yard. Founder Darshana Shilpi Rouget tells Cally Squires all about it...

A chic scarf isn't just an accessory when it is covered in real art. Cover yourself in an Alba Amicorum scarf and discover the art of fashion.

ALBA AMICORUM takes inspiration from Renaissance friendship books (“alba amicorum” in Latin). Young men and women in 16th-century Europe would fill their alba amicorum with musings and contributions from the influencers of their day.

Women Owned Fashion.
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Been staring non-stop at these exceptionally, exquisitely, stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful wearable art scarves since they turned up in my email inbox this morning ...inspired by original works by Man Ray, in collaboration with the Man Ray Trust.

Walking along the bustling street, she sneaks glances at her appearance in the glass reflection of shop windows. She is proud of how she looks today, not because of her body or professionally applied make-up, but because she has adorned her body with a beautifully crafted piece of art.


The velvety soft scarves from Alba Amicorum are created in collaboration with artists.

أنتِ دائمًا تقعين في حيرة من أمرك، عندما يتعلّق الأمر باختيار أكسسواراتك: لكن في صيف 2023، نحن سنقنعك باعتماد الأوشحة، أي تلك من الحرير والكشمير لإطلالاتك اليومية وفي مناسباتك الخاصّة.

A wonderful concept with a strong message of society cohesion blending art and fashion together Alba produces luxurious limited edition scarves working with artists from across the world...

During the 16th century, alba amicorum books were used to record artworks, poems and profiles of places and people while connecting friends separated by distance, reinforcing friendships and showing off their artistic connections. Channelling this spirit, the artistic collaborations at Alba Amicorum liberate art from the frame...

They have lent their expertise and work to some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world. A numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies each limited edition piece, and the scarves are all packaged in a bespoke box made from wheat straw paper.

From her Belgravia studio, artist, graphic designer, and collector Darshana Shilpi Rouget conceived Alba Amicorum in 2020 as an incubator for wearable textile art.