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Alba Amicorum takes its name from the popular historical tradition of ‘friendship books’ which were popular in Europe during the 16th century and used to connect friends and family around the continent. Alba Amicorum is the brainchild of the former Tiffany’s and Cartier creative director Darshana Shilpi Rouget who founded the brand to create wearable art in collaboration with artists around the world. Alba Amicorum connects its artists and clients through the medium of sustainable limited edition scarves meticulously crafted from the finest natural materials.

During the 16th century, alba amicorum books were used to record artworks, poems and profiles of places and people while connecting friends separated by distance, reinforcing friendships and showing off their artistic connections. Channelling this spirit, the artistic collaborations at Alba Amicorum liberate art from the frame and onto fluid fabric – to be worn, draped or wrapped in any way the wearer chooses. Through this wearable form of art, the scarf becomes a personal way of communicating your ideas and personality.

Launched during the pandemic in 2020 while the whole world was in isolation, Alba Amicorum was founded off the back of Shilpi Rouget’s transnational identity to reconnect with friends and creatives through art. A numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies each limited edition piece, and the scarves are all packaged in a bespoke box made from wheat straw paper. Following a zero-waste policy, each scarf comes in a reusable fine cotton muslin pouch with a recycled ALBA AMICORUM tag which can be planted in soil and transformed into wildflowers. Gift boxes are available, handmade in Japan, from Paulownia wood. Alba Amicorum’s scarves offer a deeply personal gifting option for anyone with flair for sustainability, art and design.