Darshana Shilpi Rouget

Alba Amicorum is Darshana’s brand and muse. It grew out of years working as an artist and a creative director in New York and London for some of the most influential global brands.

She loved the process of collaborating with other creative minds and wanted to continue that in a new way. So together with artists, she decided on limited edition silk scarves printed in Italy. While a scarf is an artwork in its own right, it is also beautifully fluid for draping, wrapping, or hanging. Allowing each piece’s owner to make it very personal.


Darshana has created a series of scarves for the Alba Amicorum collections. Profits from many of her scarves are offered up to support artists. All materials produced, including photoshoots and studio development, are an extended collaboration with visual and performing artists and artisans. She continues with design, drawing, painting and photography.

scarves in our collection