James’ work has never ceased to delight me over the last 25 years that I have known him and it continues to evolve. His lens captures the nuances and the hidden perspective of his subject, transforming even the most mundane into a deeply layered and breathtaking imagery.
I am thrilled to share his latest body of work published by Assouline in partnership with the Marlborough Gallery, titled: “Manolo Valdés: The New York Botanical Garden.” 
Manolo Valdés, one of Spain’s most important contemporary artists, installed a series of seven monumental pieces in the New York Botanical Gardens in 2012. It was exhibited for a whole year until 2013.
James was commissioned to interpret the essence of these sculptures through the changing seasons in relationship with its surrounding nature. The result? See for yourself at Assouline or James T Murray.
James also has his personal work published in Elucidate/Vol.1 which I was proud to design and publish for him.

JamesTMurray.com includes details on all his publications and more treats await in his various galleries. I recommend visiting his gallery, “Travel” .
James has contributed two original works to the Alba Amicorum collection, Beyond the Atmosphere and Beguiling Trajectory’ .