Darshana Shilpi Rouget x Juliet Burnett x Joel Benguigui

dance of the square - the shape of space - moving stillness - breathing - languid forms - a muted lexicon - their creator - baring souls - unscripted - together - the sentient

Ballet dancer Juliet Burnett and photographer Joel Benguigui collaborate with Darshana Shilpi Rouget, founder of Alba Amicorum, re-interpreting the essence of art in impromptu, raw and poetic images captured on film.

The images uncover the life and feeling art can induce - even in an inanimate object - and question what is or isn’t a feeling being.

“This collaboration makes me feel like exploring new territories, and streamline my photography. It woke a deep desire for making images loaded with emotions, bare, raw, yet full of beauty.”

- Joel benguigui

“I took inspiration for my movement from the artwork on each scarf, and in the gorgeous light of the space, I simply danced in response. Like a dialogue with each individual piece, if you will.”

- Juliet Burnett

“It is important to cross-collaborate to keep those traditional art forms vibrant, alive and relevant to a contemporary society. Learning more about other art forms enriches me as an artist.”

- Juliet Burnett

“The most surprising, yet expected as well, was to see how Juliet could bring Darshana’s work to life. To give it this beautiful 3-dimensional aspect and extract the spirit and soul from each scarf. And the freedom we gave each other to create this series of photographs.”

- joel benguigui