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Alex Gabriel ceramics, black handled tray with white vase, terracotta platter with two small terracotta vessels


Alex Gabriel’s Ceramics
Kortenberg, Belgium

At the recommendation of a friend and in my continuous quest for beautiful things, my husband and I embarked on a journey to the quaint Belgian town of Kampenhout. Our GPS guided us to the entrance of a hidden architectural gem, the residence of the talented ceramist Alex Gabriel and her family, including a delightful beagle.

The gravelled path, which led us to the latticed brick brise-soleil facade (crafted by architect Bart Lens), offered just a glimpse of the wonders within.

exterior view of Alex Gabriel's residence hightlighting intricate brickwork
Another view of the residence - brick walls at different planes, with a brick walk and low white-topped brick wall
The modern, glass-walled kitchen in the residence

That was five years ago – before Kampenhout (new atelier is in Kortenberg) became a cherished destination, and Alex’s ceramics had claimed their place on my kitchen shelves. She also made me dog bowls with my Labrador’s paw impression. Yet, my appetite for her work remains insatiable. I eagerly await the arrival of her custom dinner plates.

on the right three artfully stacked low ceramic bowls with straight sides; on the right a beautiful cappuccino in a hand-made mug on a hand made plate with two pieces of frosted biscotti

Each of Alex’s creations possesses a distinct personality, born from the earth, shaped with charming quirks and pleasing imperfections from her deft touch.

These pieces are not just beautiful; they seamlessly integrate into daily life, making them as practical as they are exquisite. (They are all dishwasher safe.)

As I sit down with a steaming cup of coffee in one of Alex’s loamy cups, I’m reminded of her mother’s wise words – “A table should look nice and cosy because then your food just tastes much better.”

Without a doubt, my coffee tastes remarkably better when sipped from these ceramics.

The interior of the ceramics studio in a rustic building with a pottery wheel on theleft and stacks of complete and incomplete hand-thrown plates and vessels