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expressive almost abstract black and white photo of a window, pinned to the wall and curlying away at the bottom edges


The Window’s Secrets

Within the Alba Amicorum atelier, a passage serves as a bridge between two worlds—a Victorian wooden structure echoing with history and a reborn concrete space born from the ashes of World War II.

Yet, it’s not the passage itself but a modest window within it that has captured my fascination.

This unassuming window possesses an extraordinary talent for filtering light, conjuring captivating shadows that it casts upon the lime-painted walls. This unique interplay between light and shadow intrigued me, prompting me to document its magic through my camera lens.

photograph of panes of light coming through a window illuminating a textured wall

Among the photographs I captured, one image stood out to create a haunting portrait. Wanting to transform this image into a tangible piece, I printed it on matte archival photographic paper. Allowing it to air dry, the paper assumed a three-dimensional, almost sculptural quality.

Positioning this paper sculpture beside the very window that had provoked it was a revelation. As the sun makes its daily journey across the sky, the sculpture transforms, casting an ever-shifting shadow on the wall—a living sundial marking the passage of time.

This experiment remains an ongoing effort. I’ve ventured on a series, uncovering the window’s closely held secrets.

Print dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm (8.27" x 11.69")

left: light hitting a plane wall through the panes of a window; right a small plant on a black stool with the light from a window hitting it and the wall beyond