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Duality no. 2

Dancer with Man Ray scarf
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edition of 10 +3 A/P
18cm x 12cm image on 35cm x 28cm paper

printed on order in the UK
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The photo series “Duality” documents scarves from our creative partnership with the Man Ray Trust. The dramatic shadow of the dancer, Juliet, forms a separate entity, referencing Man Ray’s surrealist works.

Dancer - Juliet Burnett , photographer Joel Benguigui and artist - Darshana Shilpi Rouget, present a visual story of the duality of our world.

Produced for Alba Amicorum by Max Cafell of 31 Studio.

Platinum-palladium printing, developed in the 19th century,  is regarded as one of the most sought after photographic processes. It utilises ultra-violet light to expose paper which is hand coated with the platinum solution, in a well-monitored darkroom. Even the smallest alterations by the printer result in uniquely individual prints. 

Characterised by a distinctive tonal range, and chemically inert, platinum-palladium prints are desired for their longevity and aesthetic qualities.