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Alba Amicorum X Man Ray Trust

Scarves & Shawls

Man Ray II

Man Ray II

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limited edition of 60
90cm x 90cm

Made in italy
100% fine silk scarf
hand rolled hem

About the scarf

In 1931, Natacha, a studio assistant doubled as a model for Man Ray. The image featured on this scarf is Man Ray’s iconic solarized portrait of Natacha.

Repeating Natacha’s likeness in each corner of this scarf, this kaleidoscopic homage to Sleeping Woman creates beautiful abstract shapes and patterns in the negative space surrounding Natacha’s sinuous haloed form.

Fabric care

Preserve your scarves by storing them flat, avoiding contact with water or chemicals. We recommend steaming the scarves at home to freshen, disinfect and remove creasing. If there is soiling, have it cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

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