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Alba Amicorum X Man Ray Trust

Scarves & Shawls

Man Ray III

Man Ray III

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limited edition of 20
136cm x 136cm

Made in Italy
100% cashmere scarf
fringed edge

About the scarf

Although he is best known for his Surrealist photographs and for the camera-less darkroom experiments he dubbed “rayographs,” Man Ray began his artistic career as a painter and continued to paint throughout his life. Le Beau temps, a Surrealist painting featuring several of Man Ray’s signature motifs including the checkerboard and mathematical diagrams, was made in 1939, just as war was breaking out across Europe.

The rich cashmere used for this scarf accentuates the painting’s dreamy composition and vivid palette.

Fabric care

Preserve your scarves by storing them flat, avoiding contact with water or chemicals. We recommend steaming the scarves at home to freshen, disinfect and remove creasing. If there is soiling, have it cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

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